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Crazy T-Shirts


Crazy T-Shirts is a company that sells distinct, graphic T-Shirts. These T-Shirts feature one-off designs by artists and graphic designers. 
They now want to offer, for a limited time, the ability for their customers to upload designs and have others vote for them – the most popular 10 designs will then be produced, and people will be able to buy them online.

I was comissioned to design a visual to promote this offer, featuring the
following words: 
Your imagination is limitless



A boy wearing a T-shirt, brandishing a stick.
His imagination takes shape around him as a knight with a flaming sword.

The visual is thought in a way that can be easily applied as a banner, on t-shirts, bags etc to accompany the marketing of Crazy T-shirt's new line of clothing.

To match with the aesthetics and the value of the company, I opted for a visual inspired by comics, mimicking the imagination of a child.


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