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My name is Floyd, a graphic designer from France, currently based in Australia since 2020 (A great year to move in).
I have always had very sharp critical skills and a strong ability to identify and solve problems which I have developed in my career, working as a manager, driving sales and marketing initiatives for diverse stores.

I am first and foremost curious, which is the most important quality a creative can have. This led me to try many things and to always accept a challenge, regardless of the difficulty.
When it comes to design, my curiosity seems to know no end and I am eager to explore every part of it. 

Branding is very interesting to me as everyone experiences it differently, depending on their culture, experience, etc. Different colors and visuals will mean different things to different people, and as designers, we need to consider all of this. It’s not just about making the prettiest visual, it’s about coming up with the most efficient solution to answering a simple question: Why?

As a designer, I am determined to transport my audience and make them see the world through my eyes. Everything and everyone has a story to tell, every visual has a narrative attached to it, and I aim to tell those stories.

I have a diploma of Graphic Design and am working as a freelancer. I love to meet and connect with new people, and I can’t wait to work with you. 

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